Town of Dune Acres, Indiana

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Social Events

The Dune Acres Social Committee arranges for a number of social events throughout the year. Each resident is asked to serve on the committee that plans and sets up one of the events. The themes of the events change from year-to-year. Some of the popular events include:

Easter Egg Hunt

Children and grandchildren, from infants to toddlers to those in school enjoy the fun of hunting for Easter eggs in the playground and tennis court areas. Meanwhile, parents, grandparents and other adults partake in refreshments and socializing.

Spring Party

This is our most popular event. It is usually a cocktail party, held at the Dune Acres Clubhouse. Many former Dune Acres residents come to the party to visit with their old friends. Many current residents use this occasion to invite their guests to the party.

Independence Day Celebration

A fun-filled entire day! Start the day with a 10K run; or if you prefer, a shorter walk. Then send the children to the tennis court to decorate their bikes for the parade, and have their face painted. If you have a classic car, bring it to the Town Hall for the parade. The parade goes from the Town Hall to the beach. It includes fire trucks, classic cars, kids on their decorated bikes, a pick-up marching kazoo band, and of course, everyone else; because it is more fun to join the parade than to just watch it go by. Once at the beach, partake in the food, games, slip n slide, and fun.

Then in the afternoon, watch the tennis tournaments, which go on throughout the weekend. The climax of the day is a party at the Dune Acres Clubhouse, followed by a fireworks display.

Click here to view a few pictures from prior Independence Day festivities.
Click here to view a prior Slip n Slide fun at the beach (video taken by mstralkowski).
Click here to view the Grand Finale of a prior fireworks display (video taken by Corin Chellberg).

Fall Party

Every year the party has been very different. We have had a square dance, a house walk, buffet dinners, catered dinners, cocktail parties, sing-alongs, Halloween party (including one for the children)and other types of events. Here is where the Social Committee lets their imagination run wild.

Click here for information on currently scheduled social events.