Town of Dune Acres, Indiana

Security Office Phone (219) 787-8800
Town Clerk Phone (219) 787-1900

Elected Officials

Town HallThe Town Council is the executive and administrative body of Dune Acres. It is composed of three Members, and a Clerk/Treasurer. They are elected by a majority of registered voters to serve a four-year term of office. For a historical list of town representatives, beginning in 1923, click here.

The Town Council normally meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall at One East Road, to conduct the business of the Town. Changes to the normal scheduled date are announced in advance.

The Town Council selects one of its members to serve as President for a term as decided by the Town Council. When a vacancy occurs on the Town Council, the remaining members appoint a registered voter resident to fill the vacancy to the end of that term. The Clerk/Treasurer votes in case of a tie. Town Council members and Commissioners serve without pay.

The Clerk/Treasurer keeps the Town's books and records and handles its funds. He or she aids in the preparation of the annual budget, presents it to the county and state review agencies, keeps the minutes of the Town Council meetings, reports on all official correspondence and business, pays bills and answers correspondence. The Clerk/Treasurer also issues identifying decals required for all residents' vehicles and boats, and licenses required for all dogs.

The Town Attorney is appointed by the Town Council to advise the Town on legal matters. The Town Attorney attends meetings of the Town Council and the Plan Commission.

The three members of the Town Council are:

  Paul Woidke  Paul Woidke

  Rich Hawksworth  Rich Hawksworth

    Alex Stemer  Alex Stemer

 The Town Clerk-Treasurer is:

      Jan Bapst


The Town Attorney, appointed by the Town Council, is:


   Adam Mindel



Administrative Office for Town Business:

One East Road, Dune Acres, IN 46304-1006

Phone: (219) 787-1900


In emergency, during off hours call (219) 787-8785

Correspondence for the Town Council or Town Clerk should be mailed to the above address, deposited in the Town Clerk's drive-up drop box, or sent by E-mail to the Town Clerk.

Visitor entrance is on the right. Services at the administrative office, in addition to Town business, include copying, faxing, notary public and availability of other information such as maps of the area.

Minutes of Town Council meetings from the past several years may be viewed by clicking here. Older minutes may be viewed by contacting the Town Clerk.