Town of Dune Acres, Indiana

Security Office Phone (219) 787-8800
Town Clerk Phone (219) 787-1900

Official Forms

Vehicle and Golf Cart Registration Applications. Applications for stickers are available at the Town Administrative Office, or they may be viewed/printed by clicking here. This sticker will permit your vehicle to be parked in designated areas within Dune Acres, including trail heads, soccer field and tennis courts, and town beaches. Cost is $40 for a sticker expiring June 30, 2021.

Dog Licenses are issued for a three-year period. The current registration period expires December 31, 2019. Applications are available from the clerk-treasurer or may be downloaded and printed by clicking here. Cost is $10 for each dog.

Watercraft Storage Permit Application All watercraft stored on the public beach during the offseason (December through March) must display a Watercraft Storage Permit. Click here to view/print the form (Adobe PDF* format).

Clubhouse Rental Application/Agreement and Instructions for Use. Rental is only available to Dune Aces residents. Click here to view/print the form (Adobe PDF format).

Property Information to be Used in Case of Emergency.  In order that we may reach you in case of any emergency regarding your home, please complete the form and deliver or mail it to the Security Office. It should also be updated whenever there are changes. Click here to view/print (Adobe PDF* format) the form.

Emergency Notification Preferences. In order to advise you of an emergency in Town, such as a water boil order, prolonged electricity outage that may result in food spoilage, emergency road blockage, or other emergencies, please complete the form and return it to the  Town Clerk's office. You may select up to five land line or cell phone numbers to be called with a recorded message and up to five e-mail addresses to receive an e-mail message. Click here to download and print (Adobe PDF* format) the form.  

House Keys. As a service to Dune Acres residents, the Security Officers administer a key program for those residents who request it and provide the necessary information. Click here to view/print (Adobe PDF* format) the authorization form, including the disclaimers.

Maintenance Request Form. To be used to request maintenance work on Town-owned properties or equipment. Maintenance Request forms are available at the Security Office and on the website, if downloaded from the website, forms will need to be completed in triplicate.  Residents who have requests for completion of work on town property or recommendations for improvements should complete and return the forms to the Security Office.  Request will be responded to as appropriate.  If the request or recommendation cannot be completed in a timely manner or not at all the person(s) making the request will be notified in writing. Click here to view/print (Adobe PDF* format) the form.

Improvement Location Permit Application Form is required for all applications to the Plan Commission. Click here to view/print (Adobe PDF* format) the form. Also, see in formation included on the Plan Commission's web page.

Building Permit is required to be filed in all instances where a building permit is required. (Town Cde of Ordinances Section 10-25). Click here to view/print the Application for Building Permit.

Demolition Permit is required to be filed in all instances where a structure or part of a structure is being removed. Click here to view/print the Application for Demolition Permit.

Contractor Registration. All contractors and subcontractors whose work requires a building permit are required to register annually.  (Town Code  of Ordinances Section 10-30). Additionally, all landscapers and lawn and grounds maintenance contractors, including snow removal, must be registered. (Town Code of Ordinances Section 14-30).  Click here to view/print the Contractor Registration form and Terms and Conditions information.

Dune Acres Telephone Directories. Please use the Directory Change Form or notify Lou Roberts to update your listing in the telephone directory. Call Lou Roberts to purchase additional copies of the directory.

*NOTE: PDF format allows you to view your form electronically on most computers. The freely available Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files.