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Disaster Preparedness

Simple Steps Everyone Can Take

Natural disasters are a fact of life. Each area of the country has its own challenges, from hurricanes on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts to tornados in the Plains and earthquakes in California. Regardless of where you live, it's important to have plans in place to ensure that you and your family are prepared should an emergency arise.

Begin by researching which types of events could occur in your community:

  • Contact local authorities to learn how community alerts are issued and the evacuation routes you will need to follow.
  • Inquire about emergency plans at work, school, and any other locations that family members frequent on a regular basis.
  • Determine how to care for your pet(s) since most temporary shelters only permit service dogs to enter. Start by visiting the American Red Cross website's Animal Safety section to learn about suggested alternatives (


Next, develop a Family Emergency Plan:

  • Create contact information cards for each family member.
  • Select a reliable out-of-state relative/friend who family members should contact
    if local communications are down.
  • Establish home escape routes and practice them.
  • Learn how to shut off your utilities.
  • Procure proper insurance coverage and protect your vital records.
  • Create a short list of what to take in case of a fire.


Finally, create a Disaster Supply Kit for your home, your car, and your office. Your home kit should include:

  • Food - Select prepackaged, ready-to-eat food and beverage items that your family will enjoy. Try to avoid anything that's too salty in case the water supply is limited.
  • Water - Store one gallon of water for each family member per day, and plan on a minimum of three days.
  • First Aid Kit and essential medications.
  • Non-electric can opener, knife, and utensils.
  • Battery-operated radio, flashlights, batteries, pens and paper.
  • Be sure to review the contents of the kit every six months, and replace anything that's about to expire.

Your office and car kits should contain a pared down collection of the items mentioned above, as well as comfortable shoes. In addition, you'll want to add flares and jumper cables to your car's inventory.

If you found this information to be helpful and would like to learn more, you may want to visit one or more of the following websites:,, and